meToday you are one step closer to a new you where you feel empowered and on a positive path to healing, growth and well-being.  You can stop just surviving and start thriving!

         My biggest passion is to help women and girls heal through a mind/body/soul approach to learn how to create joy and balance in their lives. I love to work with women to address phase of life, life transition, mood related issues, relationship patterns, anxiety, and depression intuitively and holistically.   

       From a Holistic prospective, I consider the mental, physical, and spiritual factors that influence a person's well-being and to help people heal and thrive on a deeper level.  As a Psychotherapist and a Certified Yoga Teacher, my approach is designed to create a sense of self-awareness to better understand the connections between body, mind, and relationships  leading to how these elements interplay with mental health.   Mental health can profoundly impact physical well-being.  Because of the mind-body connection, our bodies physically respond to depression, stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues.  That same connection allows us to use our bodies to help ease the symptoms of mental distress. 

        The strategies that I provide can be practiced and performed on their own outside of therapeutic sessions,  which is helpful in daily life when people are facing situations that can trigger stress, anxiety, or changes in mood.

        A Holistic Approach helps you learn ways to listen to how your body is taking in all of the messages from the brain and reacting (tension headaches, stomach issues), and helps you take control by learning skills such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, breath work, meditation, and stretching. 

       Having a keen ability to bridge the realms of the conscious and unconscious mind, I can help others see and accept things they have been running from for a long time.  Gaining insight into your past helps to better your future!  Being extremely empathic, I can see situations and problems from every angle.  I have a knack for helping others "tune into" their own knowing of themselves.          


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